What questions should be paid attention to for the first time 1, first, we should pay attention to the location of the refrigerator is reasonable, whether it is easy for the refrigerator cooling. And it is also need to check the power of the family, whether or not grounding, whether for special line. 2, in the use of the user before carefully read the accompanying product manual, check the various parts of the refrigerator. Refrigerator use power supply of 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power supply, the normal work, the voltage fluctuations allowed between 187-242v, if the fluctuations are large or fluctuated will affect the normal work of the compressor, and even burning of the compressor. 3, the refrigerator should use the single-phase three hole socket, a separate connection. Pay attention to the insulation layer of the power cable, and not the weight of wires, and can not change or lengthen the power line freely.. 4, check the no mistake, the refrigerator should be quiet after 2 to 6 hours before starting, so as to avoid the failure of the oil circuit (after handling the refrigerator). After the power is switched on, listen carefully to the compressor in the startup and operation of sound is normal, whether there is a pipeline each other percussion sound, if the noise is too large, check the product is placed smoothly, each pipeline whether contact and make corresponding adjustments. If there is a large abnormal sound, should immediately cut off power, contact with the professional repair staff. 5, when starting to use to load running, because the new machine movement parts have a run in process. After a while, and then add a lot of time, so that the extension of the refrigerator life. 6, the first use of the refrigerator, storage of food can not be too much, to stay with the appropriate space to maintain the air conditioning, as far as possible to avoid the full load of the refrigerator for a long time. Hot food to cool to room temperature and then put, so as not to cause the refrigerator a long time without stopping. Food is advised to use plastic bags or fresh paper seal well or placed in the container, can prevent food moisture, dehydration, and smell of string. With water to remove the water into the food, so as to avoid a lot of water evaporation and the formation of excessive Sherbet. Note that the freezer chamber is not placed in liquid, glassware, in order to prevent frost damage. Have volatile, flammable chemical substances, easily corrosive acid-base items do not put into the refrigerator. Temperature adjustment technique and technique South Korea refrigerator temperature adjusting button generally 0-7 block, the greater the number, the lower the temperature. Generally we can adjust to the third, in winter we can appropriate to 4-5, summer because it's too hot outside, we need to lower the grade, can be replaced with 1-2 block, which is more appropriate, of course, if convenient, throughout the year can put 4 block on, this is more appropriate. Common method of cleaning Refrigerator in use after a period of time, which tend to be a lot of bacteria breeding, and the adaptability of these bacteria is often very strong, all it is necessary to clean the refrigerator regularly, it is recommended that refrigerator cleaning method: 1, to clean the refrigerator before, first cut off the refrigerator power, the refrigerator food come out; 2, and then the refrigerator freezer shelf, fruit and vegetable boxes, the bottle out of the box, note that these are fragile, can be carefully. Use cloth dipped in a mixed with washing detergent water scrubbing accessories, after the cleaning, with dry cloth, or put in a dry and ventilated place, let it dry naturally. The frozen interior drawer was taken out in turn, frozen food can not be taken out. 3, let freezer natural cream, remember to pad some towels under the refrigerator, placed frozen cream water outflow of the floor wet; 4, the first on the refrigerator shell and a door body to clean up, with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the refrigerator shell and handle, if more grease can be dipped in detergent scrub, the effect is better. 5, soft cloth dipped in water or detergent, scrub gently refrigerated container, and then dipped in water detergent wipe. Clean the "switch" of the refrigerator, "lights" and "temperature controller" and other facilities, please put the rag or sponge dry some of the. 6, frozen indoor ice melts, can wipe clean with a towel, avoid by all means is not with sharp objects to shovel the freezing evaporator plate on the ice, so easy to shovel injury evaporator, resulting in a refrigerator fault. After cleaning the door open, let the refrigerator dry naturally; 7, the refrigerator, frozen indoor gallbladder clean clean, we clean the refrigerator door bile. The refrigerator door closure is removable, remove the seal on the door when the door seals don't savage pull, so as not to pull the bad. Wipe the door seal seal with 1:1 vinegar water, disinfection effect is also very good; 8, ventilation grate with a soft brush to clean the refrigerator back, wipe clean with a dry soft cloth or towel; 9, clean up, plug in power, check the temperature controller is set in the right place; the refrigerator runs about 1 hours, check whether the refrigerator temperature, then put food into the refrigerator. This time, the refrigerator washing is done. Common Normal Malfunction Fault: the refrigerator surface condensation, when summer temperature is high, humidity is big when, those without anti dew device of refrigerator door or around the refrigerator, both sides will have water droplets, like water vapor condensation in the herbal tea cup wall, this phenomenon commonly known as gel. This is a normal phenomenon, once the weather becomes dry, this phenomenon will subsequently disappear. But should pay attention to and condensation phenomenon occurs when a refrigerator to promptly with a soft cloth wipe clean, as far as possible to keep the refrigerator drying, otherwise moisture for a long time attachment corrosion body paint on the surface of the refrigerator, the influence is beautiful. Fault 2: the refrigerator at work on both sides of the heat, touch the refrigerator on both sides of the shell, feel very hot, especially in the summer high temperature is even more so, sometimes surface temperature of up to 50 degrees to 60 degrees. This is due to caused by the heat produced by the compressor for continuous high-speed operation, also
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