To do business leader, a record at ease enterprise

  According to the requirements of national policy and support the development of industrial enterprises, combined with the development of industrial enterprises in Changzhou City, Changzhou city "three-in-one" industrial transformation and upgrading of economic development strategy, has issued "on the promotion of ten major industrial chain construction, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries", "Changzhou views the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries" Shuangbai "action plan (2013--2015)", "on the implementation of innovation driven strategy to accelerate the cultivation of innovative enterprise views" and other documents, formed by the construction of ten major industrial chain development of emerging industries, through the "Shuangbai" action plan to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, through the cultivation of "one million" innovative enterprise technological innovation capability the "three-in-one" industrial economy development strategy.   Since the beginning of this year, Changzhou to overcome all kinds of difficulties, actively implement the municipal Party committee, municipal government to determine the industrial economy "Trinity" strategic plan, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading; around the "major projects breakthrough of the year" key industrial enterprises "selection and other activities to accelerate the project introduction and construction efforts, the city's industrial economy maintained a generally stable development momentum.
China and South Korea Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as a new leading home appliance production, manufacturing, sales type enterprise, with strong technical innovation ability and enterprise excellence development trend, in 2014 "Changzhou city key industrial enterprises" selection activities, was rated, Wujin District, Changzhou City "key industrial enterprises, future will be as Wujin District, the focus on small and medium enterprises to give priority to support and give such as government service and policy support, an auxiliary Wujin District and the district government of great help.
  Enterprise development is inseparable from the good economic environment and policies, in the final analysis, it is inseparable to consumers for enterprises, the products the trust and favor, and the only focus on improving consumer recognition of products, can continue to improve the market share and brand reputation to realize the enterprise become bigger and stronger, growth for the long-term goal of "enterprise". Therefore, after winning the "key industrial enterprises", and actively participate in the Changzhou science and technology city safe consumption enterprises in Changzhou city in 2014 key project "create" activities, close to the consumer as the center, to increase consumer confidence to create the intensity of the work, to further improve the effectiveness of the work put heart to create consumer and consumer satisfaction, continuing to enhance the brand awareness of China and South Korea and reputation in the consumer market, increase in customer service service mechanism, product quality control system, product design ideas and improve the investment, with excellent products, high quality, fast reaction speed, low rework, solve the first essential factor, really provide consumers with better quality, more excellent, more suitable for the rest assured products, do consumers "trust enterprise" conscience "enterprises".
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