South Korea Science and technology: unswervingly take the quality line

Source:艾肯家电网 Date:2014-07-24
"Flicker era has passed, real competition era has come, South Korea president of science and technology of sheep living 2014 ROK & washing machine orders will be said. Indeed, 2014 Chinese household electrical appliance industry facing unprecedented pressure and challenges, sluggish market demand, the overall scale is difficult to break, industry competition intensified. However, Yang Jian also mentioned that no matter how bad the environment, the market is still a chance, each industry has a leader, home appliance industry is also true.
The current domestic home appliances market, the survival and development of the environment is much worse, through a group of public data can be fully revealed. It is understood, 2014 domestic refrigerator market overall capacity year-on-year fell by 7%, and the washing machine market decline also reached 3%, the color TV industry is the hardest hit, the first half of the domestic market sales volume year-on-year decline close to 10%, even if is 1 to 6 month situation relatively good air-conditioning industry, also has a huge inventory, the latter part of the trend is worrying.
At the same time, over the past few years, such as TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Galanz and other large enterprise groups into a lot of resources into the field of white goods, the capacity of a white household electrical appliance enterprises increased dramatically. This situation further intensified the brand competition in the field of white home appliances. To 2014 production capacity has been a serious oversupply, the market supply and demand of refrigerators and washing machines has reached a very dangerous point. Coupled with the high price of raw materials at this stage, so, has a lack of innovation ability of enterprises have begun to be phased out of the market. Only continuous innovation, technological upgrading, enterprises will survive and development. Zhen Wei Tao, chairman of science and technology of China and South Korea said that "science and technology of China and South Korea will continue to walk the quality of route, by virtue of scientific and technological innovation to create more and better quality products, to meet the needs of the market and the vast number of consumers."
In the overall market demand scale emergence of the shrinking unfavorable environment and structural growth is particularly evident, especially in terms of product structure, the proportion of the drum and a full automatic washing machine showing a rising trend year by year. From the point of view of product structure change over the past two years of washing machine market, according to Aiken home network to understand, the double cylinder washing machine market possession rate decreased from 10.8% to 8.2%, full automatic pulsator washing machine from 57.6% increase to 58.1%, drum washing machine from 31.5% increased to 33.7%. It is worth mentioning that the average unit price of the automatic washing machine is a downward trend, the average unit price of drum washing machine is a rising state. In addition, more than 7 kilograms full automatic impeller washing machine and washing machine retail volume will continue to increase, indicating that the with the escalation of the consumption level, high capacity, intelligent frequency washing machine, mute and washing machine with drying function will become the mainstream market.
In view of the current washing machine market reveals the scale difficult to growth and outstanding structural growth pattern, the author from the time that the convening of the 2014 ROK & washing machine orders will be informed, science and technology of China and South Korea already in the implementation conforms to the layout of the industry development trend of the products.
Yang Jian introduction, China and South Korea in 2014 to launch a full automatic washing machine paragraph 14 and 19, paragraph double cylinder washing machine products, full automatic washing machine product covers 5kg to 8kg, worth mentioning is, China and South Korea two automatic frequency washing machine also will be fully into the market. For previous years customer feedback, China and South Korea 2014 washing machine products from the appearance, performance and structure are a lot of improvement, to mold, small screws, the progress of every tiny detail reflects the Korean people unremitting pursuit of product quality. Sheep's health will promise to sell the South Korea washing machine motor 6 years warranty
And in the refrigerator market, the pattern of structural growth is also very obvious. And Yang Jian also think, three or four refrigerator market is still in the state of a hundred schools of thought contend, multi and on the refrigerator door is still growth market, large capacity air-cooled refrigerator market will become the new darling of, the future between China and South Korea will be with a company joint development large capacity air cooling products, in order to enhance the quality of high-end refrigerators products between China and South Korea. It is reported that China and South Korea will continue to strengthen the traditional channels, and with the United States and the United States, Suning in the future to launch more closely.
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