Su Ningyun business executives to investigate China and South Korea, deepen cooperation in customized products

Writer:市场部Source:亚博科技 Date:2014-06-05
On June 4, 2014, vice president of Suning Group Co., Ltd. zhe line to visit South Korea Science and technology, Zhen Wei Tao, chairman of science and technology of China and South Korea, President Yang Jian et al reception and accompanied to visit China and South Korea's headquarters.
                                                                                                   Vice President Su ningyun (in Wang Zhe), China Science and technology chairman Tao Zhenwei (right two) President Yang Jian (left two) Suning business with China and South Korea Science and technology in 2013 officially launched refrigerator product customization cooperation projects, until now, Suning to China and South Korea technology of custom refrigerator products has under the Su ningyun line more than 600 retail store sales, with the appearance of superior products and excellent product performance, sales momentum for good. This time, Wang Zhe, vice president of a line of research and development of science and technology, Suning and China and South Korea to further deepen cooperation in the future. A su ningyun is through high-level visits increased for South Korea to a more deep level, a full range of understanding, including products research and development capabilities, product production and quality management capabilities and supply system operation ability; on the other hand is hope that through investigation and high-level talks reached Su ningyun with China and South Korea Science and technology in-depth cooperation, intends to break through the existing product cooperation sequence and product line, form a multi line products of win-win cooperation, gradually increase Su ningyun own products core competitiveness and leading level, in order to achieve Su ningyun white electric products in sales suddenly broken.
    Through a period of half a day's study and focus group discussion, Zhe, vice president of science and technology of China and South Korea products R & D, design ability and the advanced production line to be highly, and South Korea's existing part refrigerators, washing machines products and upcoming new products showed strong interest, the two sides depth cooperation in the future showed enough confidence and good wishes of both sides believe that cooperation in the future will have better, higher and further development prospect.
  The development trend of science and technology between China and Korea been clutching appliances and opportunities, and constantly adjust product development and strategic planning, and has formed a unique advantage in high-end products, and win in the market competition, especially in the past two years, China and South Korea through channels, technology integration and optimization of the three major business strategy in the high-end products series products and channels the difference between successful implementation, by virtue of superior product performance and stable and reliable product quality, expanding the brand influence and reputation, enhancing basic skills solid, be studious do good service work, the promotion of new technology is becoming the core competitiveness be conscientious and do one's best, and steady development, it has also been fundamental Su ningyun group recognized the well-known electrical appliance chain business enterprise, the.
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