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    On November 25, held in South Korea Science and technology 2015 annual Marketing Summit, President of sheep alive the speech opening said: "choice is more important than the effort." From the industrial layout, science and technology of China and South Korea chose in the field of white goods competition is most intense, gross profit space is the thinnest refrigerator, and in the refrigerator industry segments, science and technology of China and South Korea chose the path of quality development. In China, despite the refrigerator industry, China and South Korea is not the leading brand, but the choice of the development of high-end positioning。                                             South Korea Science and technology chairman Tao Zhenwei     From the past two years, the development of the domestic refrigerator market situation, confirms the accuracy of China and South Korea Science and technology choice. Zhen Wei Tao, chairman of science and technology of China and South Korea in the summit said: "2014 appliance industry can be described as variables increase, the consumer market is very bleak, a serious decline in the overall industry sales is some pessimism and disappointment, years of policy stimulus, let the market demand has been ahead of the release, household electrical appliance industry is some stamina is insufficient, while the original labor-intensive and at a low cost oriented enterprises this year is directly closed bankruptcy, household electrical appliance industry true to the shuffle stage".   And sheep alive meeting to provide the data show, this year 1 to 8 months of the domestic refrigerator market overall sales compared to the same period fell by 9.5%, and the magnitude of the corresponding amount of sales fell 3.3%. Subdivided into each month, in addition to the January and March appeared a slight year-on-year increase, the remaining 6 months are showing a different degree of decline. In fact, in September, October and November refrigerator domestic market is still not ideal. The only thing is that, in the demand for high-end products to maintain a good momentum of growth, and this structural growth is also in line with the development needs of China and South Korea Science and technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Korea Science and technology President Yang Jian        "When we are creating a company of South Korea, we have to position the company's products in the middle grade, to the quality of the survival of the survival, innovation as the basis for the development of business purposes," Tao Zhenwei said. So in the healthy sheep 2015 annual marketing plan, and no gorgeous marketing vocabulary, no dazzling marketing initiatives, back to manufacturing industry source, products and channels become heavy.
It is understood that, in the 2015 year, continue to strengthen the appearance of industrial design and process quality at the same time, China and South Korea will focus on the technology of science and technology of the functional innovation, the concept of innovation and cultural innovation. According to the direction of consumer favorite, increase the rich product line, and focus on the development of air-cooled frost free refrigerator full range of layout. Yang Jian said: "high-end products, price of civilians is selection of our China and South Korea Science and technology competition, from the point of view of the domestic market, large volume products demand peatlands will become the norm of the development of the market".
In the first eight months of the year, the domestic refrigerator market with many doors and on the refrigerator door sales, year-on-year growth rate respectively is 46.4% and 21.6%, and the appropriate amount of sales were up 46% and 13.7%. This market norm to support the development of China and South Korea in the field of science and technology in the field of high-end products
In addition, the intelligent will also become an important direction in the development of China and South Korea Science and technology products, in its new product will also be integrated intelligent functions. In fact, 2014 itself is "smart appliances first year, whether it is business or traditional Internet companies, have released their own smart appliances, strategic layout in smart home. According to public data show that by 2020 the ecological value of smart appliances will exceed 1000000000000 yuan. In this regard, Yang Jian, said: "the future smart appliances trends will is the complex into simple. By the end toward the end, by simple technical intelligence change for human intelligence, more intelligent, intelligence, information and network characteristics".
And how will China and South Korea's own excellent products to allow more consumers to enjoy, become an urgent task of marketing team. I was informed that next year, in the three levels of the market, science and technology of China and South Korea will further close planting terminal network, complement the blank area, take the initiative to carry out a wealth of marketing activities help businesses to boost the market to promote sales; for a secondary market demand, through a proprietary model Jicai and selectively access to key markets and key hypermarkets. Zhen Wei Tao told reporters: "in 2014 we finally and Gome modern, Suning Zanussi comprehensive reached strategic cooperation, the Sino Korean products really into the first-line second-line market, and from the point of view of the current sales, order quantity is more and more big, demonstrates that China and Korea products completely through the test, also got the approbation of the consumer."
Now the domestic home appliances market overall environment in the short term fear is difficult to achieve key twist, demand scale and growth pressure is still very large, so, only to seize the structural development opportunities, obtained in this round of winter in more favorable position in the competition. Sheep alive his speech is coming to an end when the said: "adhere to perhaps is not the only choice, but now insist on is the best choice, he mentioned to direction is Zhen Wei Tao chairman said this sentence:" high-end computer version, air-cooled matchless, double circulation are the core competitiveness of the Korean, is now all second and third line brands can not be exceeded, so I believe in the future in second tier brands, China and South Korea will bear the brunt.
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