In the high-end products are now life for many years to usher in the dawn

Writer:晨轩Source:中国家电网 Date:2014-12-01
[Chinese household electrical appliance network] 11 April 25. "Through thick and thin Chi brought global", 2015 annual science and technology of China and South Korea Dealer Marketing Summit cum new show will be held in Xi'an. Meeting, Zhen Wei Tao, chairman of science and technology of China and South Korea admitted that the current global economic depression, the enormous downward pressure of economic growth, the industry overcapacity contradiction intensifies day by day, enterprises operating costs rose in a straight line, now the manufacturing enterprises suffer in pain, in times of hardship to seek a way out, but he also said that now is the time for the scientific and technological prowess of China and South Korea, "our view is the low-end products gradually sales will decline, money effect will become smaller and smaller, only in high-grade products will make the store show vitality, and South Korea technology over the years on the high-end production goods pay and persistence finally ushered in the dawn."         2014 appliance industry can be described as variables increase, the consumer market is very bleak, a serious decline in the overall industry sales is some pessimism and disappointment, years of policy stimulus, let the market demand has been ahead of the release, the home appliance industry is some lack of stamina, while the original labor-intensive and at a low cost oriented enterprises this year is directly closed bankruptcy, household electrical appliance industry true to the shuffle of the stage.       But Zhen Wei Tao in his speech said that only through a thorough shuffle, in order to allow the market to restore new life, so we believe that in the future market will embody a concentrated reflection of product quality requirements of high-grade, but prices need to moderate the new trend. And VIP created as China and South Korea, we in China and South Korea company, we put the enterprise product positioning in the high-end, to the quality of survival, to innovation as the basis for the development of business purposes, continue to adhere to our dream, at that time, the policy stimulus, cause and not really be able to reflect the Sino Korean products advantage, market focus degree is insufficient, but after all dealers and all the leaders who for many years of joint efforts, support and help, let China and South Korea have a certain visibility, more is to occupy a certain market share, and to pay attention to quality, innovation as the and won the good market reputation. In order to China and South Korea now the real advantage will be fully reflected, but also means that China and South Korea's largest development opportunities.        China and South Korea in 2014 to have impact on the market also failed to celibacy besides, during this period, China and South Korea did not wait for, no hesitation, but careful understanding of the analysis of the market, take advantage of happen the drawbacks. On the one hand, China and South Korea pay more attention to strengthen internal management, to manage the cost, while the various departments around the reduction of the plan, reduce spending, eliminate waste, reduce the operating costs of enterprises. On the other hand, the company continues to focus on our products, according to the direction of consumers, increase rich products, and focuses on the research of air-cooled frost free refrigerator series, believe that this series of products will be listed, so that we will get more joy and harvest; secondly, with the United States, China and South Korea in 2014 Suning reached a strategic cooperation between China and South Korea, the real product into the first-line second tier market, and orders also increased; in addition, "we sink in the heart, for our channel, and intensive and meticulous farming intensive care, and constantly open up new markets, covering the gap in the market, the outbreak of work prepared adequately for the future market, for the future greater development with a strong backing, with so many second tier brands have quit, brand concentration will be more and more obvious, and now the real time display one's skill to the full confidence," Tao Zhenwei said.        Chinese home appliances research institute, assistant dean Qu Zongfeng said in his speech, the consumer market is now becoming more rational, more and more high-end products market sought. Accurate positioning technology products between China and Korea, for many years to high-end quality to win the recognition of consumers and the market, China and South Korea in the future market competition will be able to get rid of the homogenization of the market and win the market respect.         Meeting, the director and President of China and South Korea to explain in detail the focus of the work of the South China and South Korea in 2015. He said that in 2015 the focus of the work of China and South Korea is still product innovation, marketing and channel innovation. Also China and South Korea will also electricity supplier in terms of depth distribution. Currently, South Korea has in collaboration with lynx, Suning Tesco, Taobao, Jingdong Mall, the United States and other online business giants, 2015 will adhere to the sensitive product differentiation, so as to ensure the stability of prices.
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