Dear friends, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff of the South Korea technology for your attention and support.! China and South Korea, as Chinese in home appliance industry a rising star, is being more and more consumers are familiar with, also plays a role in the industry pioneer and energy pioneer enterprises, which means that China and South Korea's responsibility will be more and more, this includes the product responsibility, on the responsibility of the user and to the society, employees the responsibility, therefore, Korea has been advocating "quality, responsibility, innovation, service" business and service tenet, advocate innovative products with excellent quality as a fundamental, active research and development and production of high-end appliances China, bring more experience and value-added services to consumers, so this is a responsibility of China and South Korea into every process, every link to ensure that China and South Korea, to become a qualified corporate citizen. China and South Korea in recent years the community's concern and support, every year to more than 120% of the speed of development, at present, China Science and technology have made from an unknown to the public of the product excellence into a sales growth, sales growth in the first, the first network ice wash product line expansion rate of the first, the efficiency of product development super class large refrigerator, washing machine, plastic products manufacturing and sales in one group of household electrical appliance enterprises, the company has won the "outstanding enterprises in Jiangsu province", "Jiangsu Zhejiang Anhui Jiangxi Shanghai brand products", "2011-2012 annual industry pioneer brand", "2011-2012 industry outstanding customer service service brand", "quality in Jiangsu Province five star credit enterprise" and many other awards, it is a recognition of China and South Korea, a praise, it is an incentive. China and South Korea has been based on brand innovation and product innovation, all staff will through perseverance and continuous common struggle and efforts, "South Korea" brand, China and South Korea Science and technology create world brand, will be more quality, excellence in China and South Korea products presented to consumers.
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